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Build it faster and cleaner with ClimateLine.

ClimateLine is a pre-finished plasterboard (drywall, gypsum board) wall and ceiling lining system that requires no further work once installed. Boards are installed using color matched or anodized trim for a smart and uniform finish.

With no plastering over fixings and board joins or painting required, work sites will be free of dust and paint fumes. It scores and snaps like plasterboard and installation is completed at least 60% faster than conventional methods.

The powder coated finish is thermally fused to a plasterboard substrate which delivers a highly durable and consistent surface that is wipe clean and VOC free.

ClimateLine’s pre-finished wall and ceiling lining system is designed for lining non-load bearing steel or timber partitions in commercial interior fit-outs and refurbishments as well as an ideal solution for pre-fabricated/off-site residential and commercial buildings.

ClimateLine delivers improved building product performance and reduced construction costs.

ClimateLine® has been certified by Global GreenTag GreenRate Level B.

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ClimateLine® Prefinished plasterboard Ceiling Tiles & Wall Lining


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Features & Benefits

Cost Effective

An economic solution that compares favourably with traditional wall lining solutions, however when the value of time is factored into the build programme the cost of using ClimateLine is substantially less than that of a traditional plasterboard lining.


The tough powder-coated surface resists scratching and marring, is easily cleaned and moisture resistant.


No painting or plastering required, scores and snaps like normal plasterboard and repairs well if accidentally damaged.

Clean & Contemporary

Available in a range of modern standard and custom colors to fit in with the decor of any application.  Combine with ClimateLine Eco Tiles in suspended ceilings for a complete solution.

Sustainable & healthy

The Climate Decor Shield powder coated finish contains no VOC’s or heavy metals, is very low waste and doesn’t off gas potentially harmful chemicals once installed.


Available in standard and moisture resistant grade plasterboard with cut to size supply options and can be be used on the wall and ceilings, it is an ideal product for pre-fabricated residential and commercial buildings.


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Pre-finished Plasterboard: 60% Faster Than Painting Walls

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Pre-finished Plasterboard Saves Time in Warehouse Conversion Project

The construction of the new ELIM Christian Centre in Pukekohe has seen an old factory converted into a modern church with a main auditorium for 350 people along with breakout rooms for various activities. To modernise the interior and make it fit for purpose, the ELIM team chose to line existing and new partition walls […]


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