ClimateLine Eco Tile Range


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ClimateLine® has been certified by Global GreenTag GreenRate Level B.

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ClimateLine® Prefinished plasterboard Ceiling Tiles & Wall Lining

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ClimateLine Surfaces - Ceiling Tiles

Eco Tile Range

ClimateLine™ ceiling tiles are a Gib plasterboard tile protected by a durable, moisture resistant and easy to clean Climate Decor Shield powder coated surface.   

A more sustainable and better quality alternative vs imported plasterboard tiles with a PVC laminate face.

Made in New Zealand using NZ made materials, the Gib plasterboard is Green Tag certified and the Climate powder coated finish is VOC free, low waste and does not emit toxic chemicals while in use or in the case of burning. 

Reaction to fire properties achieve a Group 1-s.

For use in suspended ceiling grid systems, the tiles are available in standard 1195x595mm to suit most grids and are available cut to size in 595×595.

Surface performance properties:

  • Moisture & steam resistant
  • Consistent colour within and between batches
  • Hard wearing, durable coating
  • Stain resistant and easily cleaned
  • Score and snaps like plasterboard


Used since 2004 in New Zealand and Australia in a range of applications from food preparation areas to retail and cinemas spaces.


  • Reaction to Fire: Group 1-s (NZ) and Group 1 (Australia)
  • NZBC B2.3.1(c) Durability 5 years
  • Made from non hazardous materials
  • Hygiene Tile NZBC G3.3.2 Food Preparation & Prevention of Contamination
  • CAC Rating 43 (Ref: ASTM E1414-11a)
  • Warranty

Eco Tile Range

  • Arctic Frost  – bright white, matt, fine textured  finish  
  • Black – black matt fine textured finish
  • Hygiene – semi-gloss, smooth surface that makes cleaning easier and has been tested to meet NZBC G3.3.2 Food Preparation & Prevention of Contamination.
  • Colour – a range of subtle pastel green and blues to add some subtle accent.


  • 1198 x 595 x 10mm
  • 595x595x10mm (made to order)
  • Custom sizes, colours and finishes available made to order


In stock nationwide from Forman Building Systems