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Dimension Decorative Panels Add Texture and Interest

The Dimension range of decorative panels provide texture, depth and shadow to create impressive sections of joinery or wall spaces. Lighting can be utilised creatively, particularly with colour, to enhance the area further.

Laminex is proud to have exclusive national distribution rights for the Dimension range.  Stock is available of the four popular designs in a primed finish ready for painting in your colour and finish of choice.  Proprietary designs can also be made to order for larger retail or commercial projects.

Dimension is available in 2400 x 1200 x 18mm MDF panels, factory primed ready for cutting and painting. Contact your Laminex representative for samples and information.

Powdercoating a Sustainable Option for Non-metals

Powdercoating provides a sustainable option for those who need a durable finish to their interiors – and it’s no longer limited to metal surfaces. These days it can also be applied to non-metal surfaces such as plywood, MDF and plasterboard.

Large international companies, such as furniture manufacturers IKEA, are now adopting this method in order to reduce the environmental impact associated with the finishing of its furniture. Powdercoating contains no solvents, so it’s essentially a VOC-free coating.

In New Zealand, Climate Surfaces was one of the industry leaders with this method. Managing director Kyle True says it was 11 years ago that the company was involved with the creation of this coating methodology.

To manufacture this advanced finish for non-metals, Climate Surfaces has a specialist plant which uses significantly lower curing temperatures as well as infrared heat instead of convection. It’s a precise formula.

“Powdercoating is a baked-on finish so it provides an inherent durability. It’s also a more efficient way to apply coatings at a lower cost,” Kyle says.

Aesthetically, it provides a wide range of colours and finish effects which work equally well on both metal and non-metal surfaces, even when placed alongside each other.