Sustainability is a key value for our company. That’s why we offer powder coated plasterboard ceiling tiles and wall linings that are durable, recyclable and low-maintenance. Our products are designed to reduce waste, energy consumption and environmental impact, while enhancing the aesthetics and functionality of your spaces. 

The Climateline® and Ecotile are Global GreenTag certified to GreenRate Level B.


Health & Ecotoxicity
  • Considered safe to use
  • Healthy VOC levels
Corporate Social Responsibility
  • ≥10 year warranty
  • All marketing environmental claims verified accurate
  • Complies with relevant social and environmental laws of the country of operation
  • Environmental Management System
  • Fit for Purpose certified
Ratings Tools  
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  • Green Star AU – GBCA
  • Green Star NZ – GBCNZ
  • IS Rating – ISCA
  • New Zealand Homestar
  • WELL Features – IWBI
New Zealand Made
  • Assembled in NZ from majority imported component
  • Made in NZ from majority NZ components




Here’s what we do on a daily basis to reduce our environmental impact:

  • Produce our powder in-house under the same roof that it is applied, eliminating the plastic and cardboard packaging required to transport powder coatings from third party producers and eliminating the freight.
  • Reclaim waste powder from the application process and re-use it to produce fresh powder, in doing so reducing powder waste to less than 1%
  • Re-cycle packaging materials and production waste such as wood and plasterboard off-cuts using third party recycle companies

The sustainability benefits of powder coating technology:

  • No VOCs – powder coatings contain no water or solvent; therefore do not emit Volatile Organic
    Compounds (VOCs). Helping to improve indoor air quality and mitigating the polluting effects of VOCs.
  • Low Waste – powder that does not end up on the coated part is reclaimed and re-used, resulting in only 5% waste powder. Because Climate manufactures it’s own powder in-house, that 5% waste powder is used to produce new powder coatings, reducing the total waste powder to less than 1%.
  • Low Energy Curing – the Climate powder coating process reduces the amount of heat and energy required
    to cure the powder coating using a combination of low curing resin and efficient infra-red heating technology.
  • Water Free – unlike liquid coatings, there is no water in the powder paint formulation or used during the application and clean-up. 
  • Reduced CO2 Emissions – Powder Coatings reduce CO2 emissions by 25 – 60% when compared to
    conventional solvent-borne coating systems.