The ClimateLine® range of powder coated plasterboard wall and ceiling linings are Global GreenTag certified to GreenRate Level B.

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The ‘Green’ facts on Climate®

Climate is a company that has pioneered the application of powder coatings onto non metal substrates such as MDF, plywood and plasterboard. Working closely in partnership with building product Manufacturers and Distributors, we deliver one of the most sustainable, leading edge coating technologies to the market.

The environmental sustainability benefits of powder coating technology

  • No VOCs – Powder coatings contain no water or solvent; therefore do not emit Volatile Organic
    Compounds (VOCs).
  • Low Waste – sprayed powder that does not end up on the coated part is collected and re-used, resulting in only 5% waste.
  • Low Energy Use – the Climate powder coating process reduces the amount of heat and energy required
    to cure the powder coatings onto the substrates using a combination of low curing resins and efficient
    heating technology.
  • Water Free – unlike liquid coatings, there is no water in the powder paint formulation or application and clean-up with powder coating technology. 
  • Reduced CO2 Emissions – Powder Coatings reduce CO2 emissions by 25 – 60% against
    conventional solvent-borne coating systems.

Powder Coating reduces Green House Gas emission.

If all solvent-borne coatings on metal applications in which currently powder coatings can be applied would
be replaced by powder coatings, then the Green House Gas (GHG) emissions avoided would be equivalent to:

  • the annual emissions of approximately 9.5 million cars or
  • to approximately 2.9 million trips around the world in a car, or
  • the average annual carbon footprint of 1,5 million people in Western Europe

Findings from DSM Powder Coating Resins Research Report

Sustainability– contribution towards Green Star Ratings

Climate powder coating may contribute towards satisfying Green Star Credits in the following rating tools:

Green Star Rating Tool Australia New Zealand Features
Education IEQ 8 IEQ 3, MAT B Low VOC coating
Healthcare V1 IEQ 8, MAT 14   Low VOC coating
Office V3 IEQ 13 (V1) IEQ 13, MAT 7, MAT 10

Low VOC coating.

Can be used in demountable partitioning. PVC alternative.

Office Interiors V1 IEQ 11, MAT 3, MAT 10 IEQ 3, MAT B, MAT- E
Retail Centre IEQ 8   Low VOC coating

Sustainability credentials of substrates Climate applies powder coatings to:

  • MDF – E0 MDF and Super E0 MDF available
  • Plywood – FSC Certified plywood substrates available
  • Plasterboard – Global Green Tag Certified Plasterboard with 100% recycled paper