• Powder coated plasterboard ceiling tile
  • NZBC code compliant
  • Reaction to Fire Group 1-s
  • 5 year warranty
  • 600x1200x10mm, 600x600x10mm
  • Available ex-stock from Comfortech nationwide 
  • Global GreenTag Certified 
  • Made in New Zealand since 2006


Ecotile ceiling tiles are a Gib plasterboard tile protected by a durable, moisture resistant and easy to clean Climate Decor Shield powder coated surface.

A more sustainable and better quality alternative vs imported plasterboard tiles with a PVC laminate face.

For use in suspended ceiling grid systems in retail, hospitality, medical, education, offices.

Where to buy

Available from Comfortech Nationwide


Climateline® has been certified by Global GreenTag GreenRate Level B. One of the world’s most robust, trusted and widely recognised ecolabels

TOP 3 Benefits:

  • VOC Free
  • Made in New Zealand
  • Fit For Purpose Certified

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ClimateLine® Prefinished plasterboard Ceiling Tiles & Wall Lining

Manufactured by Climate Surfaces in Auckland New Zealand, Climateline is made from GIB® plasterboard that is custom made to specification, it is then powder coated using Climate’s eco friendly coating materials and processes.

  • GIB® plasterboards have also achieved Global Greentag Certification Level A
  • Winstone Wallboards is the first plasterboard manufacturer in Australasia to publish an Environmental Product Declaration (EPD)
  • Climate manufactures its own custom made powder coating that is produced in-house, eliminating excess packaging waste and shipping
  • Waste powder from the application process is reclaimed and re-used to make new powder, reducing waste powder to less than 1%
  • The powder coating is cured using efficient infra-red energy
  • Powder coating produces none or negligible VOCs and contain no water or solvents

Why Use Ecotile vs PVC laminated tiles?

Cost Effective

An economic solution that compares favourably with vinyl laminated plasterboard tiles and lower cost than painted fibercement tiles.


The tough powder-coated surface resists scratching and marring, is easily cleaned and moisture resistant.

Straight forward installation

Easy to install into standard suspended grid systems. Easy to replace and repair over time.

Clean & Contemporary

Consistent colour and finish compared to PVC tiles which can discolour over time and often have significant colour variance between batches.

Sustainable & healthy

Global Greentag certified, the Climate Decor Shield powder coat finish contains no VOC’s or heavy metals, is very low waste coating process and doesn’t off gas potentially harmful chemicals once installed. 

Made in New Zealand

Vinyl laminated plasterboard tiles are imported across large distances.  Ecotile is made in Auckland.  Replacement tiles are always available.

Case Study

Nick Scali 

furniture retailer 

Ecotile features a durable powder coating that provides good light reflectance and minimal glare.  The light fastness of the powder coating provides good resistance to discolouration over time and the batch to batch colour consistency provides a consistent finish across stores.

Nick Scali ecotile

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