ClimateLine Pre-Finished Plasterboard Saves Time and Eliminates Dust

Because of a need to save time and create a specific design aesthetic, Tauranga architect Richard Hale specified ClimateLine pre-finished plasterboard in his latest commercial project.

During construction he discovered there was more to ClimateLine than he initially thought.

ClimateLine is a pre-finished plasterboard that eliminates the need for stopping, sanding and painting, therefore cutting down on labour time and costs, and ridding building sites of dust and mess.

“Rayonier is an American forestry management company and we were hired to refine the office, enhance interoffice communications and create a more presentable space,” Richard says. “They wanted us to use a lot of timber products and we had only a strict six week window to strip out and rebuild a 250m² office.”

Due to the expanse of timber Richard planned to use a negative detail. He learnt that ClimateLine would be able to achieve a similar look, with its knife-edge hinging system in a contrasting finish. ClimateLine would also save crucial time and could be custom coloured in the company’s corporate shade.

“It was easy to put up and involved no stopping, sanding or painting which can often take a couple of weeks to complete.” Richard says. “This was a high-IT environment but we didn’t have to use drop sheets or worry about dust getting into the equipment. Plus it was winter which is traditionally a difficult time to get paint dry quickly.”

Builder Jeff Parkes of Jafa Construction says he hadn’t used ClimateLine before and was curious about its benefits.

His thoughts post-installation? “Brilliant.”

“It was easy to install, fitted together well, was easy to work with and reduced the amount of clean up because there was no dust created in the construction process. I was worried about handling it but there’s so much strength in it; it’s a very strong product.”

Because there was sub-contract work remaining after installation of the sheets, Jeff had concerns about accidental damage, but was pleased to discover the plasterboard came with a protective plastic coating that peeled off at the last minute to reveal a perfect finish.

“I would definitely use it again. It was very enjoyable to work with,” Jeff says.
Richard echoes his sentiments: “There is no way we would have finished this project on time if we’d used the traditional methods of stopping and painting plasterboard.”

ClimateLine can be used in dry, wet and hygienic areas in both commercial and domestic projects. A range of joiners is available – in a colour-matched powdercoat finish or natural anodised finish – to suit all design specifications. The durable plasterboard can be found in many projects around the country including hospitals and medical buildings, restaurants, early childhood learning centres, transportable homes, offices and residential homes.

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