ClimateLine™ is a pre-finished plasterboard sheet

Build it faster and cleaner with ClimateLine.

ClimateLine® is a pre-finished plasterboard panel and jointer system that significantly speeds up build times by eliminating the plastering and painting processes.  An ideal product solution for when there’s a need for speed and minimal disruption.


  • No plastering – significantly speed up the build process and eliminate disruption from plaster dust
  • No painting – significantly speed up the build process, eliminate sloppy paint work and lingering paint odour
  • Easy to install – scores and snaps just like normal plasterboard and repairs easily if accidentally damaged
  • Superior finish – consistent factory applied powder coating with excellent durability, moisture resistance and easy to keep clean
  • Cost control – installed cost similar to traditionally finished plasterboard
  • Sustainability features – Environmental Choice accredited New Zealand made plasterboard and Climate Zero VOC, low waste, powder coating

Applications & Benefits

  • Office partitions – minimise down time and disruption to employees or tenants by eliminating the dust and paint fumes.  Integrate ClimateLine into proprietary partition suits seamlessly.
  • Pre-fab/ transportable buildings/modular builds – significantly improve production output and realise subsequent cost benefits. 
  • Education– an ideal maintenance solution as it can be installed after school, during the weekends or holidays.
  • Healthcare – eliminate the dangers caused by plaster dust in working medical facilities
  • Bathrooms – ideal for fast and effective bathroom renovation
  • Commercial kitchens & hospitality – moisture resistant surface and board, easy to clean
  • Wardrobes – create tough, practical and attractive wardrobe doors


Available made to order in the following sizes and board types:

Board types:  

  • ClimateLine® Standard – dry areas
  • ClimateLine® Aqua – bathrooms and laundries (not suitable for wet wall linings such as shower enclosures)


  • 2400 x 1200 x 10mm (Standard only)
  • 2700 x 1200 x 10mm (Standard & Aqua)
  • Cut to size by length and/or width service available

Fire Performance

Tested to New Zealand and Australian standards in accordance with the relevant building codes by an independent registered laboratory. Test reports available on request. 

  • New Zealand: Group 1-S  
  • Australia: Group 1


 ClimateLine is a decorative overlay lining board only that can be direct fixed to framing.  It is not designed or tested, as with some un-coated plasterboard products , to perform as part of the structural bracing requirements or any fire rated wall system.

Do not use:

  • In exteriors applications
  • As a wet walls lining – such as for shower enclosures
  • A structural bracing element
  • As part of a fire rated wall system

Panel jointer range

A range of aluminium jointers are available in a powder coated finish matching the board or a contrasting anodised finish.

Colour Options

Customised Colour


Climcolour_fanateLine® can be made to order in virtually any colour with a range of added effects such as pearlescent finishes, semi-gloss finishes and bright colours.

  • Minimum orders and lead time applies

Where to Buy


Platinum Timber & Ply LTD

Phone: 07 3803 7488
Fax: 07 3803 7477
Address: 62 Platinum St, Crestmead Q 4132.

New Zealand:

For distributor details contact Climate Coatings LTD

Phone +64 9 256 7879